The Luncheonette (CLOSED)

sign3Burgers Ordered: Signature Brooklyn Burger

The Experience: Burger Weekly begins 2013 showcasing its continued love affair with all things Brooklyn.  The Burgermeisters’ trip to the Luncheonette shows just how deeply dedicated they are to that love.  The Luncheonette is located in Mill Basin, a neighborhood on Jamaica Bay. Deep into Brooklyn though it was, the Burgermeisters decided that they had to make the trip and check out the joint when their Twitter feed exploded with excitement over the Luncheonette’s hamburger.


The Luncheonette has a great vibe, with an incredibly friendly wait culture and great decor. The highlights include chalk boards with messages about the restaurant and its food and the photos of old Brooklyn throughout the restaurant and wallpapering the bathroom. Consumate gentleman Chef Andrew Zurica opened the place in 2011, and was nice enough to sit down with the Burgermeisters and talk about his restaurant and what will surely be his soon-to-be-renowned burger.

The Taste: Now that you’ve heard how Chef Zurica makes his burger, let’s see how the Burgermeisters liked it. Brad felt that Zurica’s confidence was more than warranted, saying that the burger was fantastic. He said that the buttered and toasted bun was so good thought about running away with it. Under Zurica’s recommendation, the patty was cooked medium, and was very juicy and seasoned very well. The sautéed onions were delicious. The American cheese was melted perfectly and the bacon was mind blowing.


Ariella, who isn’t much of a bacon lover to begin with, also had to admit that the bacon on the Signature Brooklyn Burger was outstanding. She also thought the burger was exceptionally juicy, but was happy that the buttered toast of the bun made it sturdy enough to not disintegrate with the juices. She loved the caramelized onions and how they almost melted into the burger. She called it one of the best burgers she’d had in memory.Grilled PB&J


The Burgermeisters finished up with the delectable grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich.   Ariella swooned over the dessert sandwich and Brad’s beard stubble stood up straight. The burger/sandwich combo left the Burgermeisters stuffed to the gills, needing no more food for the rest of the day.

The Verdict: Yes it’s a hike for Manhattanites (and even some Brooklynites), but New York burger lovers will soon come to know the Luncheonette in Mill Basin as a must-try destination.  Do yourself a favor and set aside a day to make the trip.

The Luncheonette is located at 6001 Strickland Avenue in Mill Basin, Brooklyn.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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