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Burgers Ordered: Brad, Amanda, Sam & Jackie – Thai Burger

The Experience: Sometimes the best Burger Adventures are the ones for which you haven’t planned.  Brad got together with a group of his foodiest friends to sample the cuisine at Ngam.  This Thai treasure was chosen after Sam insisted everyone subscribe to Tasting Table, a daily food and drink email publication that couldn’t possibly operate without her.  Ngam was featured and sounded delicious.

The restaurants decor is nothing short of delightful.  Most notable are a large (understatement of the century) image of proprietor Hong Thaimee as a child on a tricycle, and the above featured Julia Child quote.  The tables, chairs and menus all fit an old-world-meets-modern-New York theme.  The atmosphere is warm, both figuratively and literally as the minute one walks in every sense is blasted by the open kitchen immediately to the right.

After a menu-spanning meal of drinks, meats and other eats, Thaimee herself came to the table and gave the group an orientation about herself and the restaurant.  As Matt was absent and this was not meant to be a Burger Adventure, Brad hadn’t ordered the Thai Burger on the menu.  Sam, ever the Burger Weekly enthusiast, inquired about this interesting spin on the traditional hamburger.  After hearing Thaimee wax poetic about her creation, Brad couldn’t resist.  Though his Second Stomach was full, after the rest of the group agreed to share it with him a Thai Burger was ordered for the table.

This is Burger Art

Meal attendee Aaron couldn’t partake in the burger consumption because of dietary restrictions, but don’t go calling the ADL just yet; Aaron will return in an upcoming kosher edition of Burger Weekly.  The rest of the group cut the tall burger into quarters and had at it.

Taste: The burger was ordered medium rare.  Brad and the Guest Burgermeisters were warned that despite the temperature of the burger, its appearance would be dark because of its makeup and seasoning.  This was true; the burger was at the same time dark, juicy and flavorful.

The meat held together tightly, in stark contrast to a typical smashed burger. The Burgermeisters found themselves comparing it to the texture of meatloaf. The cabbage and tomato were excellent Rabbit Food companions given the flavor of the patty. Brad loved the mayo especially, and found new room in his stomach after seeing it ooze all over the plate.  The mayonnaise may have been plentiful, but it didn’t overwhelm the rest of the burger.

Dark but not overdone

The Chiang Mai Fries were delicious in the vinegar condiment that accompanied them.  Brad was tempted to label them sweet potato tempura, but to do so wouldn’t properly describe their flavor or texture.

Thai comfort food indeed

The Verdict: You know you’ve crafted an excellent burger when, after a large meal, the Burgermeisters are excited about eating it for dessert!  Ngam is friendly, delicious, fun, and boasts its own butcher!  You’d be doing yourself a disservice not to try this unique take on the hamburger.

Ngam is located at 99 3rd Avenue between 12th and 13th Street.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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