Lucky’s Famous Burgers

Just Go to Wendy’s

Burgers Ordered:  Matt – Famous Burger;  Brad – Cheddar Burger.

The Experience: The Burgermeisters’ outing at Lucky’s Famous Burgers brought with it a surprising revelation in the Great Burger Debate 2 (GBD2). The Burgermeisters came to realize after this very late-night meal that not all burgers eaten while inebriated are automatically made delicious.

After a night of dancing with Topanga Lawrence lookalikes in a Williamsburg Bar, the Burgermeisters needed to protect themselves from a hangover before bed.  Traveling back to their West Midtown neighborhood, the Burgermeisters located the only burger joint that was open and quickly made themselves at home.  Unfortunately, they were in for a disappointment.

The Taste: Brad and Matt may not have gotten different burgers, but they had the exact same opinion of them.  The  hamburgers both looked like they came right out of a Wendy’s, and tasted like they’d been cooked for twenty minutes. The burnt hockey pucks of meat were edible, but without exaggeration these were easily the worst burgers that the Burgermeisters have had on any Burger Adventure.

The Verdict: As it stands, Corner Bistro has the market cornered on late-night, drunken burgers.  Lucky’s might be open, but you’re better off going to a national fast food chain where, at the very least, they probably won’t burn your food.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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