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homecollageThe Experience: I love Spain, and I love burgers. I am fortunate enough to be studying abroad in Madrid and living in the barrio of Malasaña, my hometown Chicago’s equivalent of a Wicker Park/Andersonville fusion. Located in Malasaña is Home Burger Bar, a burger joint with hamburgers that I am terrified to eat on a first date because I can and will inhale them rather than take the time to chew and swallow, and will hours later find myself giggling over barbacoa sauce that has faithfully managed to dry on my face, arms and hands. This is exactly what happened to me yesterday after eating at Home.

Burger Ordered: La “Hickory” Burger


The Taste: Yanking out barbacoa with my teeth, the only sound I could manage to exude while eating the Hickory Burger was something between “mm” and a deep grunt. “Does this mean you like it? Is this a sound of pleasure?,” asked my friend who was watching me devour this masterpiece while I struggled to polish off my bite and reply, “uh huh.”

Home assures their customers that their meat is organic, certified and guaranteed by the Ministry of Health. They use meat from free-range cattle that graze on the fields of Avila at family-owned farms, and aren’t injected with either hormones or antibiotics. And you could tell. The way I felt after eating at Home Burger Bar was not catatonic, ready to have somebody lift me up and tuck me into bed, but rather as though I just did something good for my body. It was a meal that didn’t assault me with hormone-fueled beef and mystery sauces that are made with a “secret recipe” that won’t become public knowledge in my lifetime. This was my second time eating here, and having an equally pleasant experience the first time around, Home has won my loyalty.

The Verdict: If you enjoy quality burgers and find yourself looking for an American diner in Madrid, Home is the place for you. They have five locations around the city, a vegetarian menu that cannot be paralleled, and their buns are prepared organically at a bakery that uses a recipe made exclusively for them. Treat yourself, because after all, Home is where the heart (or in my case, stomach) is.

Home Burger Bar is located on Calle Espíritu Santo 12 in Madrid, Spain.

Article by Aleksandra Pavlovic

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