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Burgers Ordered: Burger 54

The Experience: As you well know, the Burgermeisters travel all over the country looking for burgers to report to Burger Weekly about.  They often also end sentences in prepositions and then feel guilty about it.  But more importantly, they sometimes even go further and travel outside of the United States and try burgers.  Such a thing happened when Burgermeister Brad traveled to Jerusalem for business and needed to get his burger fix.  He ended up at a work dinner at Hamoshava 54, saw a burger on the menu, and figured that it was as good a place to get a burger as any.  Was it?  Burgermeister Brad and two of his colleagues revealed the answer!

The Taste: Hamoshava 54 is a kosher restaurant, meaning that no dairy is served there because meat is served there.  There was also no bacon served because pork products aren’t kosher. As such the Burger 54 is as basic as it gets, topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion and served with the optional ketchup and mayonnaise. Burgermeister Brad found the meal to be a decent enough travel burger, though he ordered it medium rare and was served it medium well. Guest Burgermeisters Jay and Caron ordered their burgers more well done and were served them to the exact same temperature as Brad.  Jay enjoyed his burger quite a bit, while Caron did not care for it all that much.  Such is typically the case when a burger is ordered multiple ways, comes out the same for everyone, and is about as average as can be.

The Verdict: When you’re traveling abroad it can be difficult to find even a decent burger, or at least one that is cooked the way you love it back home.  Hamoshava 54 does a decent job at serving a burger American-style, though don’t get your hopes up at getting it cooked to temperature.  The burger is only 40 NIS and served with tasty fries, which comes to about $11.  That’s a better deal than most fast food restaurants in Israel, so you could do a lot worse.

Hamoshava 54 is located at 54 Emek Refaim Street in Jerusalem, Israel.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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