Burgermeister Dictionary

From time to time on Burger Weekly you might notice a word or phrase you don’t understand, or might understand in a different context. The Burgermeisters strive to be understood, so they’ve provided a handy dandy dictionary/glossary/whathaveyou to help you become a fully fledged Little Meister.

Burgermeisters: Brad, Matt and any guest that joins them on a Burger Adventure. Their goal: to let you know how much fun you can have at a given burger joint.

Burger Adventure: A weekly outing to one in a never-ending stream of burger joints in New York City.

Chelsea Burger Vortex: The corner of 18th Street and 8th Avenue, home to a heavy concentration of excellent burgers.

Da bomb: A stupid thing that Matt says to express jubilation.

The Drunken Burger Problem: The ongoing conversation that exists in an attempt to decide whether a burger eaten while inebriated deserves the accolades it receives subsequently.

Egg-to-Mess Ratio: If the mess that an egg on a burger is more troublesome than the flavor of the egg is enjoyable, then the egg was an unnecessary addition to the burger.

Finger of Shame: When a Guest Burgermeister decides to get something other than a burger on a Burger Adventure, they get the Finger of Shame.

Good Burger Zone (GBZ): An area of town in which many great burgers are sold within close proximity to one another.

Grease Drip: A deluge of grease from a burger that makes it difficult to put down once it has been lifted for the first time. The best way to deal with this kind of burger is to keep it in your hand until you finish. However, this makes pacing difficult.

Little Meisters: YOU! The Little Meisters are the lifeblood of Burger Weekly. Our readers, our inspiration, and the amazing folks who tell us where to eat our burgers.

Rabbit Food: Lettuce, tomato and other raw vegetables that often come standard on a burger.  Do they always add to the experience or not?  The Burgermeisters and their guests often change their minds on this subject.

Readjust burger: A burger that is so hefty that it takes physical readjusting to create room in the stomach to finish it.

Second Stomach: When there are side dishes left over after a burger has been eaten, no amount of meat in a stomach can stop the Burgermeisters from finishing those last french fried potatoes. There must be a second stomach in every Burgermeister.

Slow-down burger: A burger that a Burgermeister starts eating too quickly, either because it tastes too good or it’s so messy he/she wants to get it out of their hands quickly. In these situations the Burgermeister needs to remember to slow down.

The Traditional Burger Question: The ongoing conversation that exists in an attempt to decide whether a traditional burger is best, or if gimmicking it up to make it unique can create a better tasting burger.

Waiter culture: The clothes and demeanor of the wait staff often reflects the vibe of the burger joint. The Burgermeisters have become keen to this phenomenon.

Being that the Burgermeisters think that they’re clever, this list will surely expand as time goes on.



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