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The Experience: Burger Lounge opened several years ago in San Diego, offering grass-fed beef with sustainably farmed ingredients. They’ve recently expanded to Los Angeles, and now have four locations open here. Hearing only good things, I visited the Beverly Hills location to sample their burger. In addition to beef, the menu offers turkey, albacore, lamb, and veggie burger options. I was sorely tempted to try the lamb burger, but I decided to go with a classic beef burger instead.

Burger Ordered: Lounge Burger w/ Cheese


The Taste: I will admit I was a little skeptical despite the positive reviews I’d heard. I tend to find grass-fed beef to be less savory than corn-fed, and a whole wheat bun would usually be my last choice. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this burger. The burger itself was juicy and fairly thick, and had a kind of homemade taste too it. I really liked their house-made thousand island dressing. More often than not, I find that thousand island dressing has the same generic, store-bought taste to it. This one actually had a nice, subtle flavor that was noticeable, but not overwhelming. Their freshly cut fries, which are fried in peanut oil, were also quite tasty. They offer a few different dipping sauces for the fries, and I will never pass up an opportunity to dip fries in ranch dressing.

The Verdict: As I mentioned, I was a little weary going in, expecting a decent burger and nothing else. However I ended up enjoying it immensely, as everything from the burger patty to the ingredients tasted fresh and were clearly of a high quality. Even their whole-wheat bun, which I normally do not appreciate, exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be returning in the near future to check out their lamb burger.

Burger Lounge is located at 281 South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, California.

Article by Elliot Pachulski

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  1. I agree… burger lounge has amazing burgers and really fresh. The atmosphere is really nice and enjoy their beverage options and selections.

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