The Top Burger Adventures of 2012

To celebrate the first full, 12-month year in Burger Weekly’s history (year one began in June) the Burgermeisters bring back their Top Burger Adventures of the Year list.  Unlike last year when Brad and Matt gave separate top 5 lists, this year the Burgermeisters got together to form one, definitive list of burgers that you MUST eat. But first, a few honorable mentions and why they were left off of the list.

Brindle Room – The patty and hot sauce on the Brindle Room burger were both fantastic, but the bun was backyard barbecue grade lame. The Burgermeisters at this burger at the Great GoogaMooga, so it is possible that at the restaurant itself the burger is served on a better bun.

Corner Bistro – This burger is great, but the Burgermeisters were far too drunk while eating it to feel comfortable putting it in the top ten list.

The General Greene – Two Burgermeisters dined at the General Greene. One ate what he considered to be a mind-bendingly amazing burger. Sadly, the second Burgermeister’s burger was not seasoned as well and her experience fell flat.  The General Greene misses the top 10 due to inconsistency.

The Smith – No element of this burger was bad in the slightest, flavor wise, but it was so messy that the bun fell apart and it had to be eaten open-faced.

Kingswood – Almost perfect enough to be included on the main list, but the burger artisans at Kingswood overloaded their burger offering with too large a slice of tomato, overwhelming the rest of the meal. It’s hard to get into the top ten.

10. Kefi: Both the Bifteki (hamburger) and Arni Bifteki (lamb burger) had a distinct enough taste to keep it in the Burgermeister’s memory until the end of the year.  Spiced and juicy with a bun baked to bubbles, this is one of the most deliciously unique burgers in New York City.


9. Bill’s Bar & Burger: Whether it be the bacon cheeseburger or the more festive and colorful Spicy Jalapeno Burger, Bill’s burgers make up in flavor what they lack in size.  You’ll leave satisfied, we promise.


8. Landmarc: Want to take a date out to a nice spot while still enjoying a classically excellent burger? Look no further than Landmarc, which has a big, upscale steakhouse vibe while serving amazing burgers will no frills but plenty of yums.



7. The Redhead: A quiet player in the East Village burger wars, the Redhead serves up a succulent patty sided by savory waffle chips.  Go with a friend and order the fried chicken as well.


6. DuMont: The first Burger Adventure of 2012 was memorable straight through the year.  The burger arrived rare and the Burgermeisters couldn’t have been happier.  Don’t be scared off by the beautiful velvet color of the patty, everything is up to code both in terms of food safety and taste bud satisfaction.


5. Westville: Is a Portuguese muffin all it takes to get the Burgermeisters excited for a burger? Nope, but on top of the fantastic patty, melty cheese, and salty bacon, it sure didn’t hurt. Westville is energetic and delectable. Just be prepared to wait in line.


4. Korzo Haus: Is it predictable that 2012’s deep fried burger would end up high on Burger Weekly’s year-end list? Probably so, but that doesn’t take anything away from the sweet and savory dough and memorable beet ketchup that made Korzo Haus’ burger one of the best in the city.


3. Peter Luger: One of the most famous restaurants in New York has its reputation for a reason.  The pork belly slab of bacon on top of the gooey American cheese and some of the best beef you’ll ever eat shot right to the top of the year-end list.  Even the photo of the Luger Burger makes our Burgermeisters salivate at all hours.



2. Schnippers: The ultimate winner in the under-10-dollar NYC burger wars, Schnippers is a less greasy answer to its neighbor Shake Shack’s Shack Burger. With a patty so tasty and a bun buttered and toasted to perfection, the taste of these burgers are burned into the Burgermeisters’ memories.  Shake Shack is more famous, but Schnippers deserves more fans.


1. Burger & Barrel/Lure Fishbar: Is it a cop out to give a pair of restaurants the #1 spot on our year-end list? Probably, but chef Josh Capon has crafted a masterpiece with his Bash Burger at both Burger & Barrel and Lure Fishbar. On top of that, he blew the Burgermeisters’ minds clear out of the stratosphere with his White Truffle Burger special at Burger & Barrel.  Burger Weekly is prepared to drop some big dough on a couple of pricy burgers in 2013, and the $50 White Truffle Burger showed the Burgermeisters that some expensive hamburgers are just plain worth it.


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