Blue Moon Burger Bash 2013


I finally took the plunge and attended the Blue Moon Burger Bash this year. It was a gluttonous night, filled with beer, burgers, and ridiculously good fun. Seeing as how there were so many burgers up for grabs, I had to give myself a few ground rules. First, I wouldn’t sample burgers from places I’d previously visited, no matter how much I wanted to. Not having the Go Burger was very difficult for me. Second, I would try to eat burgers at New York restaurants that normally serve burgers. I played fast and loose with this rule. Third, I wouldn’t eat until I was sick. This was the hardest one to stick to. In the end I sampled eight burgers. Check back here in the coming weeks to get the full scoop on each and every one.

Ai Fiori Smith & Wollensky NYC
Cast Iron Old Homestead
Spice Market The Lion
Porter House New York Distilled

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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