bash1Over the last few years you’ve probably started to hear the term “burger boom,” referring to the every expanding presence of hamburgers on America’s restaurant menus. What was once considered diner and bar food has now spread to restaurants of all price ranges and cuisines. It seems that today, every restaurant finds it necessary to keep a burger in their repertoire.

Being that there is a rotating choice of over 20,000 restaurants in New York City at any given time, it would literally (yes, literally) take a lifetime to eat all the hamburgers offered. So how is one to know which ones are worth the time?

That’s where I come in. I’m Brad Garoon, and since 2011 I have devoted an incredible amount of time, money, and stomach space through Burger Weekly to finding out where the best burgers in New York City are, and where the best new burgers are popping up. Every Wednesday, I feature a New York City hamburger from anywhere within the five boroughs that is worth your attention for one reason or another. You can rest assured that the hamburgers featured on Burger Weekly deserve to be devoured.

And while New York is indeed a bonafide burger city, it doesn’t have a meat monopoly. That’s why I have enlisted trusted Burgermeisters to help me find the best burgers all over the world and report them to you every Monday. From as close as Long Island and New Jersey to as far away as China and India, you will get burger stories and recommendations from across the globe.

Burger Weekly’s lifeblood is the recommendations of its readers. So if you think you know a great burger that hasn’t been featured on the site, let me know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (and Pinterest?).

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  1. Hi guys
    Just found your website really like the stuff you do,
    Check out our site and the 3lb burger challenge we have been doing this for 3yrs and it’s good fun,
    We look forward to see you guy’s try the challenge



  2. Come visit us!
    2013 & 2012 Best NY Burger Hudson Valley NY Beef Council. Habanero Cheddar Burger over 1/2 lb. or freshly ground beef 80/20 our special blend of chuck and…, topped with chopped lettuce , tomatoes and onion then smeared with five pepper habanero sauce and a little crema for relief served on our own baked bread with garlic butter (2013). Club Burger (2012), double bacon cheeseburger topped with caramelized onions lettuce and tomato with chipotle sauce served on our own baked bread with garlic butter.

    Surf & Turf Burger just Awesome…
    and more…

    Appeared on Restaurant Stakeout March 27, 30 and April 7

    We are a Chef driven Burger Joint with five star service!

  3. Also, I’m in NJ and there a decent amount of places to visit and rate: ever have Smashburger (http://smashburger.com/)? There a few of them around. Did you get to try the Original White Mana in Jersey City (Tonnelle Ave.)? They are awesome. Or 25 Burgers in Fairfield (http://www.25burgers.com/menu/Fairfield.pdf). They have a good Steak & Shake in Paramus at the Paramus Park Mall (you can check LL Bean before or after your meal). Zinburger on Rt. 3 West in Clifton, NJ is pretty darn good too (http://www.zinburgereast.com/#locationshours) and The Counter in Clifton is also good stuff with a nice selection (http://www.thecounterburger.com/Clifton-NJ/). Finally, the last one that pops into my head is The Cloverleaf in Caldwell, NJ (http://www.cloverleaftavern.com/). Looking forward to your thoughts on these establishments as well.

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