Wilma Jean

Wilma Jean Burger

A burger meal at Wilma Jean had eluded me for months before I finally got what I wanted. For a time, the restaurant was closed on Mondays, which was of course the day of the week I tried to go on my first attempt. Then about a month ago, I made a reservation on Open Table at what I thought was Wilma Jean, but what turned out to be a place called Willa Jean in New Orleans. So that was dumb. Two weeks ago, I walked in there with a couple of buddies and snagged a table at brunch. Excited by the trill of conquest, we ordered fried pickles, loaded tots, and pimento topped burgers. This was going to be serious business. 

Burger Ordered: The Single Burger

The Taste: It positively baffles me that more restaurants don’t offer pimento cheese as a burger topper, especially in the age of Instagram. Not only does it taste amazing with beef, but it’s bright and gooey and ideal for food porn photos. On a potato roll with crispy bacon the cheese was also the perfect balance from a flavor perspective. I’ll be honest and admit that I had a few Bad Seed ciders when I ate this, and was a little tipsy, but my enthusiasm transcends alcohol (I assume).

The Verdict: Wilma Jean has a great, casual atmosphere and an outstanding burger (that you can get as a double pattied beast as well). It is well worth the trip to Brooklyn.

Wilma Jean is located at 345 Smith Street in Brooklyn, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.