Wayward Burger

A little background on Wayward: it was formerly Cowboys and Rednecks, aka C&R. They were known for solely playing country music and hosting Thursday night flip night. Recently, C&R changed ownership and got a new name, Wayward. I might get a lot of backlash for saying this, but I’m starting to like Wayward better than I ever liked C&R. Ok, enough story time, let’s move on to the reason I am writing this for you; the burger!

Burger Ordered: The Wayward Burger

The Taste: Oh my gawd, where do I even begin? The Wayward Burger includes Angus beef, whiskey poached pears, bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and tobacco glaze. This burger was bursting with flavor, so much so that I could feel my taste buds jumping with joy. The whiskey poached pears made this burger come alive. They melded perfectly with the bacon, making a heavenly sweet and salty combination. The only downfall was the rabbit food, because I disagree with the tomato. I didn’t love how it tasted with those delectable pears, so sorry Mr. Mater, you lose. Important to note, it’s served on a grilled bun. Zoom in and look at those grill marks! Crispified!

As for the fries, I’ll keep it short. Not a fan. They need a major face-lift. The garlic and herbs were just dumped on top, so you could hardly pick up a fry without the seasoning falling off. Dat pickle though, so good!

The Wayward Burger isn’t the only thing on the menu that will knock your socks off. They have a Brisket Mac n’ Cheese that will make you see God. Check it out here.

The Verdict: I am absolutely digging Wayward. The menu I ordered off of was an “introductory menu” and I’m casting my vote to keep this burger on the it. I would substitute that tomato with bacon, because, why not? Everything is better with bacon. The Wayward Burger will run you about $13 and that comes with a side of garlic herb fries and a pickle. Totally worth it, even though I didn’t love the fries. Now go get that damn burger!

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Wayward is located at 1117 South Charles Street in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Article by Jordan Zelesnick

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