A Wahlburgers opened up on my corner. I’ve never heard anyone gush over Wahlburgers. I’ve heard a couple people say that they liked it just fine, and even more say that they were very disappointed in it. So for the first few weeks it was open, I didn’t rush out to try it. I knew that one week, I’d be hard up for a burger review and would be able to just pop downstairs and grab it. That happened yesterday, and the results were rough.

When I arrived, there was a gentleman at the bar who told me that he had been waiting twenty minutes for his to-go order of a salad. Now, I don’t know why you’d go to a burger place for a salad, but I will say that his ferocity almost convinced me to try a different restaurant for dinner. I persevered, and waited long after he stormed out for my burger to arrive. When it finally did, I ran back upstairs so I could eat it away from the other angry customers and scrambling servers.

Burger Ordered: The Double Decker

The Taste: When every component of a burger is delicious on its own, they tend to come together to make something magical. Most of the components on this burger were above average, but the centerpiece fell completely flat. It wasn’t that the meat tasted bad; it was in fact that the meat tasted like nothing at all. Thank goodness for the “government” cheese and onion, which were powerful enough to completely mask the fact that there was a flavorless pair of patties between these buns. The special sauce was decent too, but I finished this burger feeling unmoved, uninspired, and unloved (I take burger-eating too seriously).

The Verdict: I don’t understand why Wahlburgers puts out such a substandard burger. They’re using Certified Angus Beef, but it tastes like nothing. Get your act together Wahlburgers; your name will only carry you for so long.

Wahlburgers is located at 1633 2nd Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.