Voted Best Burger By… – Flight 151 & E&E Grill House

SignageCollageA few weeks ago I was at Pounds & Ounces eating a lamb burger. It was quite good. As I walked around the neighborhood after my meal, I noticed that this particular block was also home to Bareburger, another excellent burger joint. And right next to Bareburger was Flight 151, a seemingly innocuous restaurant and bar with one interesting quality: a sign in the window that staked claim to being the number one-rated hamburger in the neighborhood for almost a quarter of a century. With neighbors like Pounds & Ounces, Westville and Bareburger on the very same block, the sign seemed dubious.


Then, I remembered seeing this photo posted by E & E Grill House, claiming to have the best burger on Broadway. As you can see in the comments, I asked who dubbed it as such. They challenged me to come in and find out for myself. Thus I decided, despite the torrential downpour in New York City last Sunday, that I would try the burgers at Flight 151 and E & E Grill House to see if either of them lived up to their advertisements. The results were mixed.

Flight 151 Burger
I hate to be exceedingly negative, but Flight 151’s burger was pretty bad. The bun was so dry that I was able to tap my finger against it and keep a steady and audible beat. The cheese ran off the burger completely. I ordered the burger medium because I’d been so wary of its quality. Frankly, the patty was dry. It wasn’t bad tasting per se, but the lack of moisture in any element of the burger was very distracting. My crew covered it up with ketchup and still, between three of us, we weren’t enthused enough to finish the whole thing.

E & E Grill House Burger

The burger at E & E Grill House was a different animal entirely. It was ordered medium rare, and was served with such color that I thought I could hear it mooing. It came with candied bacon, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, and E & E’s own 233 sauce (named for their address). It was served on a soft, delicious bun. The patty melted in my mouth. The bacon gave the burger the savory kick I’d been yearning for all afternoon. The cheese was placed on the patty and melted just right, so that each bite contained some. It was essentially the polar opposite of the burger I’d eaten earlier that day. And unlike the unwanted fourth quarter of the Fight 151 Burger, my crew fought over the last section of the Grill House Burger.

Now granted, the Grill House Burger costs seven dollars more than the one at Flight 151. But if you’re looking for a cheap burger you can get one for the same price as Flight 151 just next door at Bareburger. And in the spirit of being fair, it’s worth mentioning that the french fries at both establishments are very tasty.

The takeaway here is that if you see a sign in a restaurant window boasting one of the best burgers in the city, make sure that sign cites who said so. If there is no source given, just ask us here at Burger Weekly; we’ve got all your burger answers.


Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.