El Doble

The Experience: The Burger Adventure at Txikito was something of a Burger Weekly reunion, as our Columbus, Ohio correspondents returned to New York, because how can you stay away from this city? We were all quite excited about Txikito’s El Doble, a burger that has been turning heads in Chelsea since 2009. Since then, Txikito has removed El Doble from its regular menu, only serving it as a special on Mondays (when did Monday become the standard special burger night?), but offering it at lunch at its sister restaurant, El Quinto Pino. We wanted to eat the burger in its original home, and ordered olives, Txitxiki (chorizo hash wrapped in a crispy dough), and blistered gernika peppers to get our taste buds excited.

Burger Ordered: El Doble

The Taste: El Doble is comprised of two three-ounce patties, Idiazabal cheese, sweet pickled onions, cornichons, and a “salsa especial.” I was very impressed by the supple texture of the beef patties. So impressed, in fact, that I housed my burger in true Slow-Down Burger fashion. I ate it so quickly that I didn’t get a chance to savor the cornichones, a burger topping that I love. I did get to appreciate the way the Idiazabal cheese was served. Typically, sheep and goat cheese is served in a more loose form, which can get all over your fries and hands and make the dining experience unpleasant. Here, the cheese was served in simple slices, keeping them on the otherwise messy burger. Everyone loved the flavor of the cheese and the special salsa, but the First Lady of Burger Weekly wasn’t as much of a fan of the cheese’s consistency as I was. We were both big fans of the brook trout special with jamon. Put simply, everything served to our table was superb.

The Verdict: Once again, a tried and true New York City burger has stood the test of time for the most obvious reason: it is absolutely delicious. If you can’t get to Txikito on a Monday night, be sure to get to El Quinto Pino for lunch and grab this burger.

Txikito is located at 240 9th Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.