The Lamb’s Club

Lamb's Club Burger

The Experience: There is an interesting phenomenon that is proliferating itself on West 44th Street in Manhattan. It began in 2002, when db Bistro Moderne began selling an obscenely expensive burger made of short rib, fois gras, and black truffle. A few years later, the Royalton Hotel across the street opened up their bar Forty Four, and some time after that they began selling an incredibly expensive burger of their own. Both of these burgers brought the goods, but it was easy for burger lovers to balk at the price.

The legacy of gourmet burgers at gourmet prices on West 44th Street continues at the Lamb’s Club. The Lamb’s Club is like something out of a different era. With deep red booths and white walls covered in celebrity photos, I felt like I was transported into a scene from the Muppets Take Manhattan, my third favorite childhood film (Geek Note: The actual scene takes place at Sardi’s, a restaurant that is also on West 44th Street). My server was a hoot, both competent with regards to the menu and fun to chat with. Had I known how much lettuce came on Lamb’s Club Burger I might not have ordered a salad, but it was just as well because it was a fine Rabbit Food appetizer.

Burger Ordered: The Lamb’s Club Burger

The Taste: This $24 burger is a sirloin patty topped with cabot sharp cheddar cheese, and shallot on a toasted challah bun alongside a generous portion of fries. As far as steak-centric burgers go, this was as toothsome as any. It oozed onto the plate, making me think that Lamb’s Club should invest in Burger Lifts to match their silver French fry holders. I love a challah bun, and this one did not disappoint. I found two layers of lettuce to be overkill, but after tossing one away I enjoyed this burger quite a bit. 

The Verdict: You will have to decide for yourself if the burgers on West 44th Street are worth their price tags, but I was happy to have experienced the Lamb’s Club Burger.

The Lamb’s Club is located at 132 West 44th Street in Manhattan, New York.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.