La Esquina

Years ago, I was told that the burger at La Esquina in SoHo was incredible. But something always kept me away. I’m not sure if it was how difficult it was to get into all those years ago, or the fact that I’ve never conveniently found myself near there when I was hungry. But in…


Little Frog

There is a lot of hype surrounding Minetta Tavern’s burgers (yes, they have two, and you should try both), and that hype is well deserved. So when Xavier Monge, the former sous chef at Minetta, brought his burger skills (among other skills) to Little Frog when it opened late last year, you had to know…


Ethyl’s Alcohol & Food

So, Ethyl’s is a pretty strange place, eh? More specifically, it’s a strange place for the Upper East Side. With it’s go go dancers, Bruce Lee movies playing on repeat, dark aesthetic, and funky menu, I’d expect this joint to be in Chinatown or the Lower East Side, if not Brooklyn or Queens. But here…

Eli's Night Shift Burger

Eli’s Night Shift

The Experience: Say you’re a man. Say you’re a man whose name has been synonymous with food in uptown Manhattan for decades. Say you want to try something new in the same geographic area, but you want your new project to be infused with youthful energy. Eli’s Night Shift is your answer.