Soothsayer Burger

Pro tip: If you’re going to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner, don’t get a banh mi sandwich for lunch. People of Earth, I am apparently incapable of managing my own diet. Okay, I already knew that. I manage a burger blog, so my diet is obviously a mess to begin with. But this was a real error. That said, I’m going to try to tell you about the Banh Mi Burger at Soothsayer as though I hadn’t eaten like an idiot that day.

Burger Ordered: Banh Mi Burger

The Taste: Before I get to the burger, I really want to shout out the Taro Tots. For lack of a better description, Taro is a purple potato that is incredibly savory. You see it a lot in frozen yogurt form, but this was my first time eating it as a tot and I liked it very much.

As for the burger, it’s everything you could want from a banh mi sandwich with a big hunk of a savory beef and pork blend. The cool crunch of the celery, carrot, and daikon gave the burger an authentic flavor. The banh mi bun gave the burger the exact bite that you get with its namesake sandwich.

The Verdict: Eat non-Vietnamese cuisine before visiting Soothsayer. Don’t be a dummy like me. Also, be smart like me and get as many Taro Tots as you can handle.

Soothsayer is located at 171 Avenue A in Manhattan, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.