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SWCollageThe Experience: I wrote a lot of background on the Blue Moon Burger Bash here, so check that out to get the scoop on the entire Bash. I will go over the rules I put in place for myself again. First, I would not sample burgers from places I’d previously visited, no matter how much I wanted to. Not having the burgers from Go Burger, Schnippers, and Burger & Barrel was very difficult for me. Second, I would try to eat burgers at New York restaurants that normally serve burgers. I played fast and loose with this rule. Third, I would not eat to the point that I’d become sick. This was the hardest one to stick to. Abiding by those rules, the very first burger I ate was from Smith & Wollensky.

Burger Ordered: Dry-Aged Burger


The Taste: Now granted I was excited to get started with this morsel of burger, but I was really impressed with the flavors of each element. The ultimate highlight of the burger were the crispy fried onions that adorned the patty. They crunched with a crunch that would be replicated throughout the night, but without the same punch. The spinach puffs that accompanied the burger sample were also delicious.

The Verdict: If you go to Smith & Wollensky, be sure to ask for crispy fried onions on your Wollensky Burger. They really did the trick here.

Smith & Wollensky is located at 797 3rd Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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