Smashburger: Buckeye

BuckeyeCollageThe Experience: This was my first visit to a Smashburger. In Ohio, the Buckeye Burger is topped with fried pepper rings, haystack onions, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo and comes on a toasted egg bun. It was a very cold, blustery, and rainy night in the heart of the midwest, so I was excited to warm up with Smashburger’s regional offering.

Burger Ordered: The Buckeye Burger

Smashburger Buckeye Buckeye Burger
The Taste: Blah, sorry Buckeye Burger. The texture of this burger was good, although the stack of fried onions on the top offered no flavor and little more than a crunch. The burger was a bit greasy and the plain American cheese tasted like just that … plain. Nothing really distinguished itself as “different” from any other run of the mill burger you can get anywhere.

In the interest of diplomacy however, I will mention that at the very same moment that I was eating my Buckeye Burger, a friend of mine was eating one at a different location and really enjoyed it. Perhaps she has less discerning tastes.

The Verdict: Smashburger in Ohio was disappointing. I left with a full tummy but semi-disappointed in my burger purchase. Nothing worth sinking your teeth into, if you ask me, including the bland french fries.

Smashburger is located at 3654 Edwards Road in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Article by Danielle Lang

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