This week we changed things up a bit.  The location was SideBAR and the occasion was a work happy hour.  When Brad and Matt found out that the bar served mini burgers, they decided to take over and make this a mini burger party.  There were two dozen guest Burgermeisters this week.  But rather than do the party an injustice, Brad and Matt think you should just watch the video to see how much fun a SideBAR mini burger party can be.

The proof is in the smile on every Burgermeister’s face.  SideBAR aimed to please.  The music was loud, the company was good, and the Burgermeisters were given free pitchers and a free plate of mini burgers because they’re just so much fun to be around.  SideBAR is definitely recommended for universally enjoyed mini burgers and a great environment for happy hour.

Matt and Brad tried to share a romantic moment with a couple of complementary mini burgers.  It didn’t work out as planned.

SideBAR is located at 118 East 15th Street on the corner of Irving.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.