Roadhouse 757


In small towns dominated by tourists and hipsters, downtown joints tend to get all the praise and buzz. That’s unfortunate, because just outside of Charlevoix is the Roadhouse 757, and they’re serving up some dynamite burgers in a cool atmosphere. They bill themselves as a “southwestern roadhouse with a twist,” with five different burgers and three different steaks, each with their own unique prep. The rest of the menu is populated with other tasty sounding items, and each table is given an order of house-made pork rinds. That’s unique and certainly appreciated.

Burger Ordered: Roadhouse Burger

The Taste: I tend to go for namesake burgers on my first trip, and as usual I made a great decision here. This culinary delight is done with blackening seasoning and topped with chipotle BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese, and onion rings. I generally love this style of burger, but sometimes the BBQ sauce is too plain, and the onion rings are so massive that they overwhelm the meat, which should always be the star. This burger gets every detail right – the blackening seasoning is perfect, the chipotle BBQ sauce is wonderfully zesty, and the onion rings stay in the background where they belong. The burger could use a stronger bun (or a Burger Lift), because it’s a true slow-down burger by both definitions.

The Verdict: This burger totally came out of nowhere and vaulted near the top of my list for the tri-city (Petoskey, Charlevoix, Boyne City) area. I would gladly go back and eat this burger again, and will tout the virtues of this establishment far and wide.

Roadhouse 757 is located at 757 Petoskey Avenue in Charlevoix, Michigan.

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Article by Jake Ziegler

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