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Manhattan’s Missing Quirk Has Been Located |

richies burger joint at Schatzie's Prime Meats

For all its delicious food from diverse cuisines in beautiful restaurants, Manhattan doesn’t have a lot of restaurants with abundant quirk. Richie’s Burger Joint at Schatzie’s Prime Meats bucks that trend. When you walk into the shared butcher shop/burger joint space, the first thing you’ll notice is the wood-paneled desk in front of a set of beer taps. At that desk sits the eponymous Richie or his father Schatzie, overlooking the small dining area for reasons I don’t understand. Burger Ordered: The Schatzie

The Taste: I’m not going to sit here (I sit when I write. I know it’s not healthy and I should really get a standing desk, but I haven’t budgeted for that this year!) and tell you that the Schatzie is the best burger I’ve ever had. Frankly, it was just okay. I went to Richie’s both because I heard the space was interesting (as mentioned above) and because people who I trust told me that they really enjoyed the burger. Well, my burger was pretty bland. The ground-in-house patty wasn’t seasoned particularly well at all. The burger came with a side of Russian dressing, which I’m typically a fan of, but this time around it leaned a little too heavy on the paprika (I assume. Could have been something else. Who cares).

The Verdict: Despite my middling burger experience, I am definitely going to go back because some of the dishes I saw others getting looked incredible, including the Dirty Brisket Sandwich and the RETURN OF THE POPOVER (were people really clamoring for this?).

Richie’s Burger Joint is located at 2665 Broadway in Manhattan, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.