Queens Comfort

queenscomfortCollage.jpgThe Experience: Look, I need to be honest. Even if the food at Queens Comfort had been terrible, I would have said it was great. The reason for my skewed perception of the eatery is their hilarious website, which hits my biggest nostalgia point: professional wrestling. I have an incredible soft spot for pro wrestling, and even to this day I participate in a podcast covering the most obscure of wrestling promotions. As such, I fell in love with Queens Comfort long before I set foot in the restaurant. And upon approaching the restaurant, I wore a smile from ear to ear.

The gatekeeper taking patrons’ names and party sizes wouldn’t put down a table claim unless you told him your favorite cartoon. When I stated X-Men: the Animated Series, he bellowed and laughed in celebration. I knew this was the place for me. Later, he accepted Miley Cyrus as a cartoon character. It was hard to argue with that decision. He also announced the macaroni-a-go-go, enough multi-flavored macaroni to feed a dozen people, and perfect for Thanksgiving. The restaurant is filled to the brim with kitch. A big screen was playing the Mysterians. In the men’s room hanging on the wall there was a WWF 1985 calendar, which took every ounce of good karma in my being not to steal. The wait staff was incredibly cool and accommodating, and made the intimidating but fascinating Sugar Hill Burger available to us.

Burger Ordered: The Sugar Hill Burger

IMG_0872.jpg The Taste: A fat kid’s fever-dream, the Sugar Hill Burger is a wonderfully cooked patty topped with bleu cheese, mayonnaise, powder sugar, and pecan encrusted bacon, sandwiched between two sides of a pillowy challah bun coated in honey. My first bite took me straight to heaven. The bun was so soft. The bacon was so uniquely delicious. The bleu cheese was in perfect proportion to the sweet elements of the burger, offsetting it enough to taste appropriate and never overwhelming. The patty itself was medium rare perfection. Quite simply, this is probably the best burger in Queens, if you can handle its raw excess.

Speaking of excess, the Burgermeister crew shared an order of Atomic Fire Balls, deep fried macaroni & cheese dipped in sriracha and ranch dressing. Some of us found it spicier than others, but regardless of your threshold for spice, you’ll dig the kick this delivers. The basket of fries on the side are tasty as well, but you might not get to them after the Sugar Hill main event.

The Verdict: Once you eat this burger, it will be impossible for you to forget it. Probably the best burger in Queens, if you can handle it. 


Queens Comfort is located at 40-09 30th Avenue in Queens, New York.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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