The Stanton Social

It strikes me as strange that, from time to time, I eat a burger that I was sure I’d reviewed for this blog before, only to be proven wrong. The mini burger and its variants at Stanton Social fall into this perplexing category. The restaurant has been open for about twelve years on the Lower East…


Belgian Beer Cafe

Do you know what a Kwak is? I didn’t, until a couple years ago when I popped into Belgian Beer Bar with a few friends and saw this wonderful take on beer. To this date, I haven’t found many more places in New York City that serve a Kwak in its wonderful, round-bottomed-glassed, wooden-holder-assisted glory….


Circa Brewing Co.

Circa Brewing Co. was a pleasant surprise. It is a diamond in the Downtown Brooklyn rough, hitting high marks in the decor, vibe, and food departments. I knew nothing about this place before I checked it out on the invitation of my buddy Pat (check out his fantastic Instagram account). We were there ostensibly to…


Flip’n Toss

I was out with a friend the other day who told me that she doesn’t like gimmicky burgers. She gushed a bit about JG Melon as an iconic burger. While I think JG Melon is emblematic of a kind of burger that the rest of the New York burger scene has evolved beyond, I understand the…


Broadstone Bar & Kitchen

Shortly after I started Burger Weekly, I took a job in the Financial District… a neighborhood that at the time had no good burgers. Alright, there were a couple good burger spots, but I worked there for three years so that dried up pretty quickly. But in the last few years, new restaurants have opened…