The Supply House

Last Saturday, it poured rain all afternoon. As such, I wasn’t willing to travel more than two blocks away from my apartment for a burger and ended up at the Supply House. I’d noticed during an earlier visit that there was a decently sized burger menu there, so I figured it was as good a…



A Wahlburgers opened up on my corner. I’ve never heard anyone gush over Wahlburgers. I’ve heard a couple people say that they liked it just fine, and even more say that they were very disappointed in it. So for the first few weeks it was open, I didn’t rush out to try it. I knew…


Emily – West Village

A new Emily opened up in the West Village today. Emily is super dope. They topped my burger of the year in 2014, and then made the list again with Emmy Squared in 2016. So when I got the opportunity to drop in at their a couple days ago, I ate everything.


Pig Bleecker

Can we talk about what’s going on at Pig Bleecker? Because I think I got my wires crossed before going here. Pig Beach, a Brooklyn beer garden of which Pig Bleecker is a spin off, has a vibe completely different from this spot. I guess I could have read, oh I don’t know, any press at…



I wandered the streets on Saturday, looking for a restaurant at which to eat my 400th burger in New York City. To say I came across Covina accidentally would be an understatement. My feet hurt after miles of walking and my dining companion was feeling the same. As we complained, we noticed we were standing…