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munchieCollageThe Experience: My summer pledge to visit more food trucks brought me to the Munchie Mobile. A few friends had recently posted photos via social media of decadent burgers they’d gotten at the Munchie Mobile, piquing my interest. The purple truck’s menu lists burgers with unique names and delicious-sounding combos. I went with the Magician, an ode to smoked barbecue flavors. The incredibly nice young men in the truck were quick to grill and serve my burger, and fielded questions from customers with professionalism and a smile.

Burger Ordered: The Magician

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The Taste: The Magician is a 1/3 pound patty, topped with a slice of Gouda, an onion ring, bacon, and drenched in barbecue sauce. I was a little worried about the potential mess, since I was eating this burger at lunch and wearing nice work clothes. Luckily, like most burgers from trucks, this one came wrapped in a snug wrapper. It wasn’t long however, that I was far too deeply obsessed with the incredible flavor of this meal to continue using the wrapper. The ingredients came together in a smokey whirl of a dream. Individually, each element more than held its own. The Gouda was firm, but easy to bite and added a creamy texture to each bite. The bacon and onion ring gave the burger a nice crunch, and were flavorful without being overwhelming. The barbecue sauce was exquisitely sweet, balancing the savory flavors of the other ingredients so well. The patty, though grilled without customer input, was served medium, and was juicy and just the slightest bit pink. And though the wrapper could handle any mess, the bun actually held up to the sauce and patty juice.

The Verdict: This was a wonderful burger. Plain and simple, it was the best New York City food truck burger I’ve tried to date. I will be very interested to know if it holds up against future mobile burgers.

You can find out where the Munchie Mobile will be by clicking here.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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