Lantern Hall

Lantern Hall Burger

I know, deep in my heart, that I’ll eat burgers in Brooklyn again, but for now, the burger at Lantern Hall is the final stop on my Brooklyn Farewell Burger Tour. Lantern Hall is right around the corner from Tutu’s, Forrest Point and Roberta’s, parking it directly within the East Williamsburg/Bushwick GBZ. The large, open space is home to a table-top shuffleboard set up, and when I was there, a staging area for a Mario Kart 64 tournament. As much as I wanted to stick around for that, I could feel myself coming down with a cold, so I ordered a burger and beer and zipped up to the bar to eat before my body fell apart.

Burger Ordered: The Flat-Fix Burger

The Taste: The competition in this geographical area is rough when it comes to burgers, and though Lantern Hall’s offering isn’t the king of the mountain, it holds its own agains its opponents. The burger menu allows for a lot of customization, and the beef and bun make for a good base around which to have fun with your order. I let General Manager Will Sperling decide what would top my burger, and was pleased as punch with his choice of avocado, bacon and cheese. After discarding the tomato, I finished the burger in no time flat.

The Verdict: The beer selection here is dope, and the burgers are perfect for a guy like me who is always looking for a solid new piece of beef in the neighborhood.

Lantern Hall is located at 52 Harrison Place in Brooklyn, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.