Landmark Diner

Christopher Gets Dirty

Burger Ordered: Christopher – The Dirty Burger

The Experience: The Landmark Diner is honestly the largest and one of the nicest diners I have ever been in. When my wife Erin and I first drove past it we were on our way to celebrate our Anniversary and were both shocked at the size of it. It is two floors with beautiful signage and glass. However don’t let this fool you as this is not some fancy pants restaurant, but a real New York diner. They have a very impressive and large menu and they serve some of the best pancakes I have ever had in a diner. On the burger front they have 23 signature burgers to choose from in addition to your average hamburger or cheeseburger. Its standard diner service where you’re seated and waited on and pay your check at the register.

Where’s the burger?!

The Taste: I ordered the Dirty Burger medium rare.  The Dirty Burger is topped with macaroni and cheese, crispy onions, bacon and brown gravy served on a brioche bun. Now, when I read a description like that I thought, “This is going to be one massively messy, juicy, delicious burger.” Well I was pretty disappointed. First off, most of the toppings were already pooled around the sides of the burger instead of on the burger when it arrived. The patty itself was on the small side as well. I put my top bun on, picked it up and went to work.  The macaroni n’ cheese was decent but not great, the bacon was good, the gravy was barely noticeable, and the patty was BLAND.

I took another bite and was shocked at how little juice there was. I looked at the burger and sure enough it was cooked medium rare as I had ordered it with the requisite pinkness inside.  However, none of the usual yummy juices that accompanied it. The whole thing was a total letdown. When you have a burger with this description and ingredients, you need to deliver a big burger with big flavor.

DIRTY: Macaroni & Beef

The Verdict: The Landmark Diner is a very cool diner with an expansive menu, but if you want my advice, have the pancakes and steer clear of the burger!

The Landmark Diner is located at 1027 Northern Blvd in Roslyn, NY.

Article by Christopher Freda

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