Joe's Burger

The Experience: Last week, I dropped Joe’s on my list of burgers to get in NYC on Memorial Day Weekend. It is time now for the full story on Joe’s. Having soft opened a few weeks ago, Joe’s held its grand opening last week and I was fortunate enough to attend. Joe’s is a burger joint first and foremost, with a Corner Bistro-esque menu up on the wall featuring simple and inexpensive hamburgers. They also boast serious beer and cocktail menus, while the recognizable “Mustache” Mike Gellert mans the bar. A few beers in and I was chomping at the bit for burgers.

Burgers Ordered: The Bacon Cheeseburger and the Veggie Burger

The Taste: To keep the masses calm, veggie burgers were passed out while the real deal was being grilled. Though I’m not one to get behind these meatless meals, the veggie burgers at Joe’s were actually quite tasty. The patties were bean-centric, giving the sandwich a nice taco flavor.

When the burgers finally arrived, I was in heaven, and only partially because my appetite had been cruelly whetted. In large party, I was transported to nirvana because these burgers were incredible. At first, I thought I might be overreacting, but after surveying the burger experts with whom I was dining, it was agreed that this was the real deal. The patties were filled with rich, savory flavor. The crispy bacon and soft bun were perfect compliments to the beef.

The Verdict: It took me days to stop gushing over this burger to everyone that I saw. Joe’s serves probably the best burger on the Upper West Side, and the best I have had overall in quite a while.

Joe’s is located at 480 Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, New York.


Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.