Jaeger Burger

Jaeger Burger

The Experience: I expanded my horizons a bit and journeyed to the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans. A 20 minute drive is just about the longest commute there is in this city, so I must have been really determined. Having just completed a triathlon the day before, I felt invigorated to make the journey, and to stuff my face with some Jaeger Burger.

The area turned out to be very quaint, with a lot of cute shops and restaurants. Jaeger Burger was quite small and unassuming, a true burger joint.

There are just a few burger options with just a few toppings. Jaeger Burger is clearly going for a classic, no-frills type of burger, so that’s what I ordered. I only added a slice of colby jack cheese (a favorite of mine that many burger establishments don’t offer), since I don’t eat bacon and hadn’t worked up enough of a hunger to brave the fried egg or the chili. Fries come in hand cut, round, and sweet potato; I went with round.

Burger Ordered: The Jaeger Burger with cheese

The Taste: The burger felt HUGE to me. Perhaps this was in part because of the very large bun, but it was definitely a challenge to finish. I had initially ordered it cooked medium, then wondered what on earth I was thinking and asked for medium rare. I would say it definitely came out closer to medium, but was still very satisfying and definitely not overcooked (I just happen to like my meat a little redder). The burger was heavy on mayo. It was off-putting to look at but still tasted good, though i think it might have impacted upon the overall messiness of the experience. The bun held up reasonably well, but it was definitely a messy burger experience. Alas, comes with the territory.

The fries tasted delicious, salted to perfection, but were just a tad overcooked. Still, I loved that round fries were an option.

The Verdict: Jaeger Burger is a really cute option in a really cute area. Come hungry!

Jaeger Burger is located at 872 Harrison Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Article by Andrea LeVine

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