Hard Times Sundaes

Hard Times Sundaes

The Experience: Early last year, I visited The Luncheonette in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, and had a burger so good that it changed the way that I think about hamburgers. The Luncheonette’s owner and chef, Andrew Zurica, walked me through the paces of his burger making process, winning me over with his dedication and his product. Sadly, the Luncheonette closed a few months later. I caught up with Zurica shortly after that and ate a Mexican version of his burger at Jalapeño. It was good, but a bitter reminder that his burger was no longer readily available.

But now, Zurica has set up shop in Mill Basin once again, this time in his burger and Italian ice truck called Hard Times Sundaes. Rev from Burger Conquest was nice enough to let me join his ride to the far reaches of Brooklyn so that I could get my hands on another Zurica burger. It was also a treat to see a Burger Weekly photograph adorning the side of the truck. I for one found it beautiful.

Burger Ordered: Bacon Cheeseburger

The Taste: A master of the larger pub burger, Zurica changed up his style a bit to be accommodating to the faster pace demanded by a food truck crowd. Now using a smashed patty technique, Zurica’s burgers are made quickly, but using the same great beef and with the same expert knowledge as before. Delicious bacon and cheese are still welcome staples of his burger game.

The Verdict: Those lucky Brooklynites and few Manhattanites who were able to try the burger at Luncheonette will find a different beast here, but one that is nonetheless worth a trip to the burger truck.

Hard Times Sundaes is parked at 5700 Avenue U in Brooklyn, New York.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.