Grand Trailer Park Taverna


The Experience: After throwing some elbows, shoulders and even the sneaky kick, we made it into the heart of the Central Business District to Grand Trailer Park Taverna. It is a neat venue that is always pumping. As the name suggests, it has trailer park theme with caravans to sit in, picnic tables to gather around, and a pull out washing line outside. It is definitely an eating experience all must have once or twice or frequently.

Burgers Ordered: A Custom Burger and the Francis Underwood

The Taste: The shake came out first with biscuits on top. It was delicious, just the perfect way to warm into the night. Our burgers came out and looked majestic. The custom burger was a modded Francis Underwood with an extra patty, fried cheese sticks, jalapeños and special sauce. The mac an cheese crochet had a classic taste and was the best I have come across. The beef hearty in size and cooked well, but was still juicy. The bacon cooked to perfection, though the cheese stick flavors sort of got lost amongst it all.

The Verdict: Everything worked nicely and all ingredients were fresh, leaving me satisfied with the outing and our choices.

Grand Trailer Park Taverna is located at 87 Bourke Street in Melbourne, Australia.

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Article by Damoforce