Oozing Cheese Burger Brings Fantastic Energy in NoLiTa |

Gatsby's Burger

Gatsby’s is a very cool and laid back bar that’s an awesome spot to hang out with along with some friends and a few drinks. The atmosphere here makes it feel like more of a local neighborhood bar than a place you’d find all the way downtown surrounded by more, shall we say, fancier options. Dip inside here for a great selection of beer, a very cool vibe and some good ol’ bar food.

Burger Ordered: The Smokey Jack Burger

The Taste: This burger is exactly what a burger should be: hearty, delicious, and covered in bacon and cheese. The beef patty, which is huge, is marinated in Jack Daniels, which lends an awesome flavor to the burger, and the cheddar cheese is a highly recommended choice. But what really stole the show was the bacon. It was crispy, oily and all around perfect. Every bite was great and really made the burger as delicious as it is. Get this along with a beer or two and you’ll leave totally happy.

The Verdict: Gatsby’s is a great place to visit in a neighborhood that has some great food options. But what makes this place stand out is the energy. Come here and get loud, watch some sports and sing along to whatever song they’re blasting, all the while eating an awesome burger.

Gatsby’s is located at 53 Spring Street in Manhattan, New York.

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Article by The Hungry Dominican

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