Fritzl’s Lunch Box

FritzlesCollageThe Experience: I’m a big Brooklyn booster. I find most of its “annoying” quirks endearing, and I think it has some of the best food in the country. That said, I’m embarrassed to say that before last weekend I’d never been to Bushwick. Then I started hearing whispers about an amazing hamburger just off of the Dekalb stop on the L train, and decided that it was time to finally adventure into this unseen neighborhood.

Burger Ordered: The Cheeseburger

fried cauliflower collared greensegg salad fish sandwich
The Taste: Fritzl’s Lunch Box is a cute little joint, ideal for weekend brunching. I took a group of five hungry Burgermeisters, most of whom shared my cheeseburger experience, and all of whom partook in adventurous drink ordering (brown sugar limeade/limeade shandy). We began the meal with some fried cauliflower, which I’ve decided is the only way I’ll eat this vegetable. With its sweet and spicy sauce, it nailed the fried Asian food vibe it was going for.

The cheeseburgers came topped with abundant cheddar cheese, and chopped pickles and onions doused in special sauce. This relish was delicious and delightfully crunchy, but as good as it was it paled in comparison to the unbelievable taste of the patty. Wonderfully textured and remarkably seasoned, the meat blew my mind. The other Burgermeisters on this Burger Adventure were all equally pleased. The cheese oozed off of the burger, leaving me with marvelous cheese-only bonus bites. The soft, sesame seeded potato bun conformed to the shape of the patty, cushioning the burger in a way that only the most comforting of brunch burgers is able to accomplish.

Fritzl's hamburger Fritzl's hamburger
Other highlights of this meal: The Salt Cod & Egg Salad Sandwich, the recipe of which should be immediately stolen in preparation for every Yom Kippur break fast to be catered this fall.  The kale gratin, which tasted amazing, but had a surprising amount of dairy, for those of you for whom such a thing is a digestive obstacle. The french fries, which were cooked the way my step mother cooks fries, making them an automatic winner in my book.

The Verdict: Next Sunday, cancel whatever brunch plans you had and hit up Fritzl’s Lunch Box instead. Their burger is top notch and costs only ten dollars (less without cheese), making it one of the best deals in New York.

Fritzl’s Lunch Box is located at 173 Irving Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.


Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.