Foxy John’s


Foxy John’s has been around in midtown for a couple of years, but until last week I’d never heard of it. I hadn’t slept at all the night before, and needed to occupy my time after work so that I wouldn’t fall asleep at 7pm, screwing up my schedule for the week. In those cases, I get a burger after work. But there were no burger spots I was dying to try and all the “best burger” lists coming out lately have left me wanting. Then a colleague mentioned that they loved the burger a few blocks from the office up at Foxy John’s. The internet told me the burgers were served on pretzel buns, so even if they were bad, I’d have a pretzel bun in my mouth at least.

Burgers Ordered: Foxy John’s Burger and the Spiced Beef and Chorizo Burger

The Taste: The eponymous burger comes topped with fried onions, chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese. It’s served on a pretzel bun that looks and feels as though it’s going to break your jaw, but was remarkably soft to bite. The beef was expertly cooked, and basically melted in my mouth. I got full pretty quickly, but couldn’t stop myself from eating the whole thing. The Spiced Beef and Chorizo Burger has a dense, pork and beef patty that looks like it should crumble apart with each bite, but never does. It’s topped with feta cheese, poblano peppers. It also comes on a pretzel bun. This patty is far from traditional, but if you’re into chorizo this is the burger for you.

The Verdict: These burgers prove that sometimes you need to stop reading about restaurants that get a lot of press and take a chance on a review from your friend… and Burger Weekly.

Foxy John’s is located at 143 East 47th Street in Manhattan, New York. 

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.