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I was out with a friend the other day who told me that she doesn’t like gimmicky burgers. She gushed a bit about JG Melon as an iconic burger. While I think JG Melon is emblematic of a kind of burger that the rest of the New York burger scene has evolved beyond, I understand the desire for a traditional, familiar burger. The new West Village burger counter Flip’n Toss deals in both gimmicky and traditional burgers, so I tried everything they have to offer.  

Burgers OrderedAmerican Cheeseburger, Maui Burger, Big Mac and Cheese Burger, and the Raclette Burger

The Taste: Flip’n Toss is the rare example (alongside the likes of the Ainsworth) of a place that does a great job at putting together both a standard cheeseburger and a series of burgers with wacky themes.

When you walk in, the air is filled with the scent of raclette, and the Raclette Burger is fantastic with its combination of the eponymous cheese, mushrooms onions and bacon.

The Mac n Cheese Burger is as decadent as can be, and easily shareable between two people as it effectively comes with mac n cheese on the burger and a full side of the cheesy noodles.

The Maui Burger expertly mixes sweet and savory in its ode to Australian flavors. It isn’t topped with a slice of beet, but the muenster cheese paired really nicely with the pineapple.

All that said, I thought the standard cheeseburger was the best item on Flip’n Toss’s menu. It was everything I want in a burger, and let the beef patty be the centerpiece of the meal. That beef was deliciously seasoned, and stood strong as the focal point.

The Verdict: I didn’t even talk about the sides and lobster-focused dishes on the menu, which are also fantastic. Huge recommendation for Flip’n Toss.

Flip’n Toss is located at 82 Christopher Street in Manhattan, New York. 

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.