Draught 55

Beer + Cheese = Thumbs Up Across the Board |

Draught 55 is well-known for its expansive beer list and delicious bar food. It’s also known for being one of the only cool bars for several blocks in its area. What I didn’t realize is that the burgers at Draught 55 had a nice little following, so when I found myself there recently it seemed silly to pass up the opportunity to try one. 

Burger Ordered: The Guinness Stout Burger

The Taste: This burger came topped with Guinness cheese, whiskey mayo, and tobacco onions. The menu suggests beer pairings with every dish, and unsurprisingly this burger is said to be best with a Guinness. I didn’t expect the Guinness cheese to actually look like gooey Guinness beer, but alas it did (it’s a cheddar cheese lined with actual Guinness) and it was delicious. The onions added a nice crunch, which was necessary to balance the abundant cheese. I shared this burger, and my dining companion asked that we order the meat a little more well done than I’m used to (medium), but the beef stood strong through the extra grill-time and tasted great.

The Verdict: I’m frankly shocked that more bars don’t top their burgers with Guinness cheese. It’s such a great gimmick and it tastes great too. You should definitely experience it at Draught 55.

Draught 55 is located at 245 East 55th Street in Manhattan, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.