Dexter Burger

The Experience: Upon arriving at Dexter, I can honestly say I wasn’t sure I was in for a good meal. From afar, it doesn’t seem like a welcoming place given what surrounds it. As it turns out, the opposite was true, as it was very clean, fresh and welcoming. These guys have done a top notch job on the venue, and the food follows as well. The staff are friendly and always happy to help you through anything that you are unsure about. We got to try some meat donuts, which are cinnamon donuts with meat brisket on the inside. Weird right? But the flavors work well together and it was very enjoyable.

Burger Ordered: The Big Dexter Plus Fried Chicken

The Taste: I couldn’t resist the opportunity to add some fried chicken into a heavy meat burger. I’m so glad that I did because it was succulent and crispy with popping flavors. Speaking of flavors, the pulled pork on both dishes had a nice light smokiness to it and was very juicy. The pickles were delicious as well. I couldn’t get enough of them!

The Verdict: This place really nails the execution of their meats. So much flavor and variety make for an enjoyable eating experience, especially if you order a meat tray.

Dexter is located at 456 High Street in Preston, Victoria, Australia.

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Article by Damoforce