Cozinha Latina (CLOSED)

Cozinha Latina Burger

I love a neighborhood that comes together as a GBZ (Good Burger Zone). I like a GBZ neighborhood even more if the burgers that comprise it are incredibly varied. In Greenpoint, you have an excellent Australian-style burger at Five Leaves, a fantastic brunch burger at the Bounty, authentic sliders at White Burger, and a wonderful BBQ burger at Whiskey Burger, amongst others. Now, you can add a magnificent Latin-inspired burger at Cozhinha Latina to the Greenpoint GBZ’s resume. 

Burger Ordered: The X-Tudo Grassfed Burger

The Taste: This meticulously stacked burger was topped with Surryano ham, a fried egg, bacon, beef fat aioli, and shoestring potatoes on a Martin’s Potato Roll. The initial impression it exudes is one that might inspire fear for those without a detachable jaw, I assure you that it’s components conform to a single-handed grip after one bite. Every bite of this decadent but manageable burger was covered in delicious, gooey egg, offset nicely by the crunchy potatoes. You won’t need the yucca fries that come with this meal after eating this flavor bomb of a burger, but you’ll want them because yucca fries don’t come around everyday and you shouldn’t rob yourself of the experience.

The Verdict: This Brazilian take on a monster burger will have you smiling from ear to ear. Just make sure to wipe all the egg yolk off of your smile before you leave the restaurant.

Cozinha Latina is located at 37 Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.