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Midnight Madness

Burgers Ordered: Matt & Brad – The Bistro Burger

The Experience: It’s always nice to hear from friends that live far away.  Burger Weekly Founding Father Sam posted on Facebook asking why the Burgermeisters hadn’t yet done a midnight burger run.  Brad and Matt were up for the challenge, but the circumstances had to be right.

Late on a rainy winter Friday night (because in 2012 in New York City a snowy winter night doesn’t really exist) the Burgermeisters were out and up to their usual shenanigans.  After the appropriate amount of drinks the Burgermeister in Brad switched on.  He demanded that he and Matt make haste to a burger joint.  Matt was game, but as he is a good Catholic man and it was Friday during Lent the Burgermeisters would have to wait until after midnight.  The timing and the rain limited their options, but it also made one thing clear… The Burgermeisters were going to Corner Bistro.

Keep it simple.

To their recollection this was the first time that the Burgermeisters were carded at the door before a Burger Adventure.  Their memories might have been impaired however, as there is a strong possibility that the same thing happened at the Stumble Inn.  The doorman recommended the chili, but the Burgermeisters had their eye on the Bistro Burger.  There was no wait, and from the waiter’s demeanor the Burgermeisters were sure their food would come quickly.

Late night, tall stack.

The Taste: The Bistro Burger is served with American cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion.  Both Brad and Matt ordered their Bistro Burgers medium rare.  Needless to say given the following photo, the burgers were cooked perfectly.

Drunken dream come true.

Brad and Matt summed up their experiences much in the same way.  The bacon was incredibly crispy.  The patty was flavorful and juicy without being a total mess.  The onions, hidden underneath the patty, were kept in check by the weight of the burger.  The cheese was melted on with precision (check us out on Twitter for a look at the Burger Artisan who created this masterpiece).

This was a Slow-Down Burger in every sense of the term, but the Burgermeisters were unable to slow down.  Only a brief moment in which they realized they were housing their meals did Brad and Matt pause to really savor the flavor of these beautiful burgers.

It was frightening how quickly the Burgermeisters finished their meals.

The burgers were not without flaws however.  The bun at Corner Bistro isn’t much of anything over which to get excited.  A white bread affair, it didn’t add anything to the burger.  However, being flat and compressed it did stand up to the weight of the thing, which was somewhat impressive.  The fries were also unspectacular, but tasted great when they were drunkenly dunked in mayonnaise.

The Verdict: Corner Bistro is well-known as a place to get a great burger late at night in the West Village.  Some have gone as far as to say that soberly eating these burgers is a disappointing experience.  Burger Weekly wonders why one would walk into Corner Bistro sober in the first place.  While the Burgermeisters don’t have evidence to suggest this, they are certain these burgers would taste great without the accompaniment of inebriation.

Brad and Matt had such fond memories of past outings to Corner Bistro that they braved the rain to get there, Matt drying himself with paper towels in the bathroom so that he could be fit to sit in a booth.  In fact, at one point during their walk the Burgermeisters passed Little Owl, which was open and on their Coming Soon list, but they were so determined to get to Corner Bistro that they ignored this short cut and left it for another week.  The Bistro Burger is truly the ultimate late-night cheap hamburger in New York City.

Corner Bistro is located at 331 West 4th Street between Jane Street and 8th Avenue.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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