Mr Cs

Mr. C’s Pub & Grill

I went to high school in a little town called Elk Rapids. But I lived a little south of there in a mailing address of a town called Williamsburg. Now it’s the home of the vast Turtle Creek Casino, but before those days Williamsburg was two gas stations, a post office, and a baseball field….


7 Monks Taproom

All The Rage | Taprooms, craft beers, these things are all the rage these days. Boyne City has gotten in on the trend with multiple establishments fitting this mold opening up or still to open. 7 Monks Taproom is the latest, and it’s an extension of another location in nearby Traverse City. Beer is great,…

Boyne City Tap Room Burger

Boyne City Tap Room

A Big Burger Rebound | I’ve lived in Boyne City for less than five years, and in that time the location at 220 South Lake Street has now been three different restaurants. It’s a solid location right on the corner in the SoBo district, and there’s a really cool art gallery and concert hall right…

Kelsey's Lakeside Grille Burger

Kelsey’s Lakeside Grille

Weekday Lunch: Your Key to Hacking Crowded Restaurants | With a location right on Lake Charlevoix, Kelsey’s offers up some great views in a casual atmosphere. Like most places in this town, they are crazy busy in the summer time, so I made sure to sneak in during the lunch hours on a weekday to…

Smoke on the Water Burger

Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water just crossed their two-year anniversary, and I should’ve been there before recently, but alas, it was not to be. Co-owner Ed Mann is a Charlevoix native and his wife Julie is from St. Paul, but both had a dream to open a restaurant when they retired in Charlevoix. They make everything…