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Stiggs Brewing Company

The building at 112 S Park St. in Boyne City certainly has plenty of history associated with it. In the early twentieth century, the building was used as office space for the White Lumber Company machine. After White’s top mill burned down, they moved the office and the old building became general offices for the…

Mr Cs

Mr. C’s Pub & Grill

I went to high school in a little town called Elk Rapids. But I lived a little south of there in a mailing address of a town called Williamsburg. Now it’s the home of the vast Turtle Creek Casino, but before those days Williamsburg was two gas stations, a post office, and a baseball field….


7 Monks Taproom

All The Rage | Taprooms, craft beers, these things are all the rage these days. Boyne City has gotten in on the trend with multiple establishments fitting this mold opening up or still to open. 7 Monks Taproom is the latest, and it’s an extension of another location in nearby Traverse City. Beer is great,…

Boyne City Tap Room Burger

Boyne City Tap Room

A Big Burger Rebound | I’ve lived in Boyne City for less than five years, and in that time the location at 220 South Lake Street has now been three different restaurants. It’s a solid location right on the corner in the SoBo district, and there’s a really cool art gallery and concert hall right…

Kelsey's Lakeside Grille Burger

Kelsey’s Lakeside Grille

Weekday Lunch: Your Key to Hacking Crowded Restaurants | With a location right on Lake Charlevoix, Kelsey’s offers up some great views in a casual atmosphere. Like most places in this town, they are crazy busy in the summer time, so I made sure to sneak in during the lunch hours on a weekday to…