The Grayson Pizza Burger

Rise of the Pizza Burger – The Grayson, the Baroness Bar, and Boardwalk

There was a time in America when people were very invested in creating Frankenfoods (strange combinations of two otherwise unrelated food items). Pizza burgers were a part of that movement, as was the Ramen Burger, the Krispy Kreme Burger, and other wacky concoctions. In the last couple of years, the craze seemed to have died…

Candlewyck Diner Burger

Candlewyck Diner

The Experience: After an educational day visiting the Schweid & Sons processing facility, a group of fellow burger fanatics and I visited the Candlewyck Diner, not far from MetLife Stadium, to eat the dish we’d seen making its uncooked way down an assembly line. Candlewyck Diner might be the epitome of the famous Jersey diner….