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Black Iron Burger 7

You’ll forgive me if this week I dispense with the traditional Burger Weekly format, but this post will be more about celebration and reflection than scrutiny. This trip to Black Iron Burger 7, the third Black Iron location and the only one I hadn’t dined at before, was my official 300th Burger Adventure in New York City.

As the occasion approached, I had a difficult time deciding where to eat this meal. After all, it took me 4 and a half years to eat 300 burgers, and the milestone would need to be memorable. After bandying about ideas ranging from the few classic New York City burgers I’d not yet tried to the new hype-machines littering the city, I decided on an old favorite. I consider Black Iron Burger on 5th Street to be the best burger in the five boroughs, but a repeat burger couldn’t count as number 300. Luckily for me, Black Iron had three locations, and I’d never been to the newest one on 7th Avenue.

I celebrated with a small group of friends, invited because they’d eaten a burger with me before. Unsurprisingly, the signature Black Iron Burgers, which were ordered by everyone at the table, were delicious. I typically order the Masterpiece Burger at Black Iron, and had never had their namesake burger before. It was wonderful, and completely worthy of its distinction as my tricentennial burger.

As I worked my way through this meal, I reflected upon the last four and a half years. Burger Weekly has been the only constant in my life during this time. It has seen me through the beginning and ends of two jobs, five apartments, and multiple relationships. It has been here as friends have left the city, and it was been the catalyst for some of my closest friendships to begin. It takes up a massive place in my life, and I found myself wondering where I would be right now without it.

I don’t think that eating 300 burgers (truth be told, it has been far more than 300 burgers, but my rules are strict so not all of them found their way to the blog) and writing about them is any kind of feat to be celebrated. My initial plan was to go to Black Iron by myself, as I was thinking that a monastic approach would be very satisfying. But I was pleasantly surprised to find that many were upset that I thought about doing this without them. It was great having them there, and it was nice that they felt like it was a big deal to be there. To me, Burger Weekly is something I birthed, so it makes sense that it would mean something to me. At the end of the day, I know that there are a million other things more important to discuss than delicious hamburgers, but I’m always elated when someone else finds value in this project.

I know this post wasn’t really about Black Iron Burger, but do I have to say about this little burger chain than that I’ve eaten more burgers in New York City than anyone most of you know, and I like this one the best? With that in mind, I just want to call out a few people for being dope human beings that made a difference to Burger Weekly:

Josh Hyman, whose words of encouragement when Burger Weekly started ring in my head every time I think about moving on from the project. Matt Kennedy, for starting this thing with me, and being a great friend, even if you’re living a healthier, more family-oriented life in the Bronx. Rev Ciancio, for helping me take Burger Weekly to the next level and saying nicer things about it and me than are probably deserved. The Burger Lift crew, for showing up time and time again, and being incredibly pleasant to be around even when one of you is nine months pregnant. And to Jake Ziegler, Christopher Freda, and Andrea LeVine, for being the most consistent of Burger Weekly’s non NYC contributors since day one. You are all remarkable humans, and will hopefully get me through the next 300 burgers alive.

Black Iron Burger is located at 333 7th Avenue in Manhattan, New York.

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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.