Bud’s Broiler

Bud's Broiler Burger

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a dining experience, and sometimes you just want a good ol’ simple burger; something a step above the typical fast food joint, but at a similar price point (maybe a few bucks more). And that’s when you head to a place like Bud’s Broiler.

Burger Ordered: Charcoal Broiled Hamburger

The Taste: Bud’s is a chain exclusive to Louisiana, and it’s a no-frills kind of place. Their burgers are simple frozen patties thrown on an open charcoal grill. You can taste that char on the outside of the burger, but the inside is nice and tender. Beyond the charcoal, the other most distinctive part of the cheeseburger was that they use grated cheese, which made for a slightly less gooey and thus not so sloppy experience. The simplicity was exactly what the doctor ordered, and the price is right.

The Verdict: In retrospect, I should have tried the hickory smoke sauce that apparently they’re famous for. No worries, though, there are Bud’s locations all around the city, and all of them are open 24 hours! I’m sure I’ll be back again.

Bud’s Broiler is located at 3151 Calhoun Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Article by Andrea LeVine

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