Brindle Room

Great GoogaMooga!

Burgers Ordered: Brad, Matt, Amy, Christopher, Vanessa, Melissa & Allison – Steak House Cheeseburger.

The Experience: This might be the most unique Burger Adventure to date, as the Burgermeisters experienced the Brindle Room’s Steakhouse Cheeseburger at the Great GoogaMooga Festival.  But rather than put the events of our day in the park to words, why not just check out the video?

The Taste: The Burgermeisters did nothing before going directly to the Brindle Room for a hamburger lunch.  The choice of which burger vendor to eat at first was easy, because the Brindle Room was the only one at the fair that Brad and Matt hadn’t eaten at yet!  That’s how you know the Burgermeisters are dedicated to their craft.

Vanessa, Melissa, and Allison were of one mind when it came to their burger.  They all said that the meat was delicious, that the cheese was outstanding, and that even though they felt gorged too early on, they were happy with the burger.

A vision in melted cheese.

Amy, the lone dissenter, said that the burger was solid, but nothing that she’d go out of my way for.  She said that it had a nice flavor and heft on the patty front, but that the bun was sorely lacking.  The bland white bun gave in to a firm grip and made the eating experience messy, but in a sad broken way and not in gloriously saucy way.

You know the Brindle Room made a good burger when Amy’s comments are the worst anyone could come up with. While Christopher agreed about the substandard bun, he remarked on the patty’s nice char on the outside and pink center. He found the beef to be very flavorful with a really nice taste.

Brad and Matt loved the burgers texture, saying that it was as though the burger artisans put the patty together with love and seasoning. They said that it tasted like a real backyard grilled cheeseburger, especially because of the festival atmosphere.  They both also raved about the Brindle Room’s hot sauce.  When the Brindle Room’s hot sauce dispenser girl called it “bomb” sauce, Matt knew that it must have been fate for him to eat it.

The Burgermeisters have landed.

The Verdict: One has to wonder if the burger served at the Great GoogaMooga closely resembles that at the Brindle Room.  We have some evidence to suggest that it does.  The first piece of evidence comes by way of comparison: After eating the Brindle Room’s burger we moseyed over to the Spotted Pig‘s stand and decided to give their burger a second try.  Serious Little Meisters will remember that we didn’t like the Spotted Pig’s burger the first time around because of the overwhelming Roquefort cheese.  Cheese or no, it was obvious that the bun, patty and fries that the Spotted Pig was serving in the park resembled extremely closely those that they serve in their restaurant.

We believe the same of Brindle Room, and are happy for it.  The burger was cooked perfectly, inside and out.  Only a weak bun keeps this burger from being placed in the upper echelon of New York hamburgers.

Brindle Room is located at 277 East 10th Street between 1st Avenue & Avenue A.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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