The Breslin

Breslin High

The Experience: I had been dying to have the burger at the Breslin for some time. I had also been very interested in dining with the Gotham Burger Social Club, a group of gentlemen blowing up Instagram with photos of burgers, whiskey, and groups of well-dressed diners. Those two desires met when the club invited me to their burger feast at April Bloomfield’s iconic spot. Over a dozen hungry men ordered up the lamb burger, and expectations were high.

Burger Ordered: The Chargrilled Lamb Burger

The Verdict: I’ve been fortunate during my travels in pursuit of amazing burgers, in that all of the lamb burgers that I’ve tried have been quite tasty. For the uninitiated however, the lamb burger at the Breslin is by far the most palatable when compared to beef burgers. The patty is exquisite, with a flavor so distinct that the typical, powerful lamb taste is delightfully subtle. Accented perfectly by feta cheese and a bun with enough heft to soak up the wonderful burger juices, almost everyone at the table was in burger heaven.

I would also be remiss (is anyone ever remiss?) if I did not mention the insane thrice-fried french fries. These were so far off the chain that the chain was but a distant memory. The club members were bigger fans of the cumin mayo than I was, but to say it had a lot of fans would be quite the understatement.

The Verdict: This place doesn’t need my press. You’ve already heard about it and you already know that you need to get to the Breslin to eat this burger. Add me to the list of fans of Bloomfield’s lamb masterpiece.

The Breslin is located at 16 West 29th Street in Manhattan, New York.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.