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Brass Pointe Burger

I had never been to or heard of Brass Pointe until shortly before going there to eat dinner with my girlfriend and her family. The only knowledge I had going in was its reputation for being a great place for ribs. The atmosphere was relaxed, a bit dimly lit and comfortable, which was much more down to earth and approachable than what I expected from a restaurant with “Pointe” in its name. I’m not a big fan of ribs, so I immediately scanned the menu for my go to staple: Burgers. The Southwest Burger caught my attention, mainly due to the hot peppers and promised spiciness.

Burger Ordered: The Southwest Burger

The Taste: I may have undone myself by enjoying a bit too much of their GIGANTIC BREAD served to the table, complete with respectable butter, and at least half of the delicious mozzarella sticks I ordered. Not to mention the copious amounts of big ass steak fries, which were some of the best I’ve ever had.

By the time The Southwest Burger came, I felt as though I had already had dinner, but it looked incredible enough that I wound up eating half of it before packing the rest to go. The patty was hearty, the lightly toasted bun was excellent and didn’t get in the way of the nuances of the beef (which was cooked perfectly medium well), and the spiciness was off the chain. Dare I say it may have struck the perfect balance between flavorful and “holy crap that’s got some serious spice.” The toppings blended much better than I expected when I first saw how stacked it was. Aside from the red onions hanging out like giant squid tentacles at one point, the Burger held together quite well for having so much on it. And except for a little too much juice leaking out during eating, it wasn’t nearly as messy as I feared.

I ate the second half the next day with a knife and fork (which I never do, but a night in the fridge wasn’t kind to the structural integrity of the Burger) and it was honestly delicious even as a warmed up leftover.

The Verdict: I give The Southwest Burger at Brass Pointe a huge thumbs up, especially for lovers of serious spice. Just don’t eat too much bread and appetizers before you get to the main course!

Brass Pointe is located at 24234 Orchard Lake Roak in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

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Article by Michael B. Chait

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