Time Out New York Battle of the Burger 2015, Presented by Amstel Light


Last October, I complained that the Blue Moon Burger Bash has jumped the shark. The overpriced and oversold event was annoying and difficult to manage. However, I was excited because I knew that the Battle of the Burger would return, a calmer and more enjoyable event at which to eat burgers. Sadly, this year’s event proved to be a pretty ridiculous mess. Before I get to my larger complaints, here are how the burgers measured up.

Peter McManus: Pictured above, middle right, this burger was one of the better ones at the event. I’d been meaning to try the burger at Peter McManus for years, and was happy to find that their Burger Battle offering was topped with a tasty sauce and a delicious pickle.

The Gander: Pictured above, bottom left, the patty of the Gander’s burger was very flavorful. That was lacking in a lot of the burgers doing battle. Their mayo was tasty as well.

Standard Burger: Pictured above, top right, this was the winner of the people’s choice at the Battle of the Burger, but it was actually pretty bad. The patty was very mushy, with no bite to it at all. All that this had going for it was some bacon. The reason it won was because these guys made a spectacle of themselves, bringing a camera crew with them and taking selfies with attendees. Apparently, they’d appeared on a reality show before so some people were happy just to be filmed. The cameras clogged up the event’s thoroughfare and made it impossible to move. Total disaster.

Van Diemen’s: Pictured above, middle left, this burger was a change of pace from the rest at the event. The curry ketchup made it stand out, but as with all ketchup it completely masked the flavor of the beef.

BarKogi: Pictured above, bottom right, you can see that BarKogi brands their buns. Sadly, the burger tasted like nothing at all.

21 Club: Pictured above, top left, this was probably the best of the burgers I ate during the event that I’d never tried before. The patty was well seasoned. Top that with a nice slice of red onion and pickle, and you’re sure to get my vote.

Huge shout outs to Genuine Roadside and Emily, neither of which I photographed because I was too busy devouring their delicious little burgers. And a sad thumbs down to the typically great Donovan’s Pub (center photo above), which was all sizzle and no steak at the Battle of the Burger.


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Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.