Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room


The Experience: Since October 25, 2013, Bo’s has been serving up New Orleans-meets-New York meals, courtesy of the team behind South Edison, a favorite of Montauk beach-goers. Last month, Bo’s began their weekly Clam Bake & Burger Mondays. A time-sensitive burger special is enough to get me interested in any burger, but since there wasn’t anything particularly cajun about Bo’s Burger, I chowed down on the clam bake as well. My taste buds were well-served in doing so.

Burger Ordered: Bo’s Burger

The Taste: After being plied with a couple of delicious Abita brews, I was very happy to be served a slightly savory take on monkey bread. It was the first of what would be a series of carbo-victories of the evening. Next up, the very fresh and tasty clam bake featured crawfish, shrimp, clams, corn, and chorizo. Each element stood on its own and in conjunction with one another as flavorful delights, and the french bread made for a perfect sponge for the broth.

Bo’s Burger scored immediate points with its subtly flavored 8 oz patty, served juicy and medium rare. It was topped with arugula, which was not as wild as shredded lettuce, but not as tame as a larger, single leaf of Rabbit Food would have been. Despite the bevvy of flavors swirling about each bite of this burger, that of the Adirondack cheddar was distinct and gratifying. The ultimate standout element of this burger was its bun. Baked in-house with a similar flavor to the monkey bread, the bread-border of this burger made me wish I could take home a baker’s dozen for some midnight noshing.

The Verdict: If for no other reason, one Monday night soon should be reserved for sampling the baked goods at Bo’s. Beyond that, the clam bake and the burger are both big wins, and deserving of the attention they get once a week at this Flatiron eatery.

Bo’s Kitchen and Bar Room is located at 6 West 24th Street in Manhattan, New York. 

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.