Bonnie’s Grill

Back To Where It All Began

Burgers Ordered: Matt – Spiced Black Angus Sirloin Burger (American); Brad – Spiced Black Angus Sirloin Burger (Swiss).

The Experience: Since Matt first laid eyes on the Burger Register he took particular notice of Bonnie’s Grill. When Burger Weekly was being conceptualized, Matt was living in South Slope and would often make the short trip to this greasy spoon.

Now that the Burgermeisters had successfully infiltrated Brooklyn, it seemed fitting that Matt finally get his wish. The Burgermeisters would finally go to the spot in which Matt honed much of his burger-loving craft.

Brad wasn’t in the best mood when he arrived at Bonnie’s Grill. The night previous the Lions were knocked out of the NFL playoffs by the Saints, ending the only kind of season that could possibly have gotten him interested in football. The point was rubbed in further when he arrived when he saw the Giants gearing up for what would be an eventual advancing win on the large TV at Bonnie’s.

Matt did his best to keep Brad’s spirits up, pointing out that the table was furnished with a bottle of chipotle mayo. Burgers being more important to Brad than football, this made him incredibly happy.

The center of the canine decoration realm.

Bonnie’s hearkens back to diners of old, with shake shop style tables and chairs and random decorations on the wall.  Our table was smack dab in the middle of the 1960s Southern Rock decoration realm, highlighted by a very beautifully done painting of Johnny Cash.

While the Waiter Culture at Bonnie’s is incredibly attentive, it’s also incredibly casual, almost to a fault.  Though the Burgermeisters felt at home immediately, at one point one of the waiters walked through the dining area carrying a tray full of grease runoff.  The Burgermeisters were happy that Bonnie’s staff practices proper grease removal, but were nervous that they’d be going home with a lap covered in used grease.

Taste: Matt and Brad ordered their burgers with similar toppings.  Matt called the chipotle mayo mind-bending (true to form he mixed it with ketchup and put it on everything) and the pickled jalapenos seriously kicking.  He found his burger to be spiced to exquisitely.  Though the burger was dangerously juicy, Matt managed with only one napkin.  He loved the incredibly hot fries and the excellence with which the patty was cooked.

 The American cheese-topped Angus Sirloin Burger.

Brad was able to watch the Burger Artisans create his meal because of a fortunate seating choice.  He admired the masterful way they navigated the grill as though it was completely second nature to them.  He loved the set up, the way the burgers were seasoned and the quiet discussions they had over the grill.  He also loved the chipotle mayo and used it on the very hot fries and the burger.  The jalapenos and spicy mayo made Brad grateful that the table had two jugs of water on it.  His burger was also cooked to his liking.  He went as far as to say that the burger tasted like something he’d eat at the BBQ of an authentic grill-master.

The Swiss cheese-topped Angus Sirloin Burger.

The Verdict:  Bonnie’s Grill is like a place you’d find on the side of the highway, and if you were to find such a restaurant during a vehicular journey you’d be the luckiest person on the face of the earth.

Bonnie’s Grill is located at 278 5th Avenue and 1st Street in Brooklyn.

Article by Brad Garoon

I run this burger joint.

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